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Women and men think that if they don't physically, as they put it, have sex or are not having sex, that they're not! Your soul is attached to your body & is therefore your body! Your spirit is your soul & your soul is your body! When you think of sex, whether that is reading about sex, watching about sex or anything of the like, you are having sex! Day-dreaming/dreaming about sex is the same as having sex! It's your choice, wise/ignorant, smart/foolish, knowledgeable/unknowledgeable, to accept the purity, divinity, & innocence of your sex! You all have had sex, first in the thought-act creation of God! And of course eventually through your mother's womb when you came out! And you have sex in thought/imagination! You're all naughty, dirty lil devils who are clean haughty special lil angels! Accept yourself! Because you surely don't deceive me for what you do! and are! Whoever looks or thinks upon/about a man/woman has already committed the act in his/her heart! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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women men physically attached spirit soul body reading watching day dreaming choice wise ignorant smart foolish knowledgeable unknowledgeable purity divinity innocence creation god eventually mother womb sex thought imagination naughty dirty devils clean haughty special lil angels accept surely deceive thinks man woman committed act heart joshua aaron guillory

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