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Women need to be more like Rahab on the movie ''Six: The Mark Unleashed:'' Those who are not living according to their true selves! That scene where Brody Sutton and her are discussing life, her life in particular, after which his life too! She says to him, that if he sticks around maybe they could get married! She's a woman who dedicated her life to Jesus [Salvation, World peace, or truth: the true opulence or wealth] and used to be a prostitute. The part that intrigues me with her is that she's willing to give Brody a chance - love at first sight if you will - based off his commitment to the truth. She doesn't say you need to have a big house, or large income, or prestige, she just intimates to him that he needs to be one with the truth! World peace! She trusts him as a good person of the creation! Of the souls or spirits! of life! World peace will provide wealth, house, honor. Any man living in truth is a king - male or female - king and queen. Kingdom! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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