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[World peace, Idiot, Idiocy, hope 1 of 19] The problem with many of you is that you're not [truly] following the plan, truth or paradigm I've laid out for you! I told you about infinite-thinking, or relative-thinking, or the infinitude of relative thought, or relative-thought infinity! Like for instance, when I said only ''Idiots only entertain idiocy,'' if you study law, the word idiot can mean ''a private man''! And it can also mean ''someone without understanding from his nativity and whom the law presumes never likely to attain any''! But we know ''understanding'' in law can mean ''agreement'' or ''subjection of oneself to someone or something''! And I being a private man or individual, not branded or clothed with the legal attire or low-valued or fake-valued cloth, never have agreed in my heart [truly] even since nativity to this bullshit of a system you all call government! I know I don't understand or agree to this bullshit [in truth]!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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world peace hope problem plan paradigm laid told infinite thinking infinitude relative thought infinity instance idiots entertain idiocy study word idiot presumes attain understanding law agreement subjection oneself private man individual branded clothed legal attire fake valued cloth agreed heart nativity system call government understand agree bullshit truth joshua aaron guillory

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