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[World peace, Idiot, Idiocy, hope 11 of 19] What can I know that I don't know and what can I accredit to another that was original to me? The words, works, and thoughts shall spread, have spread and is spreading! Before I was I was! After I was I am! And likewise do I credit to the truth working in him who put my name on the quote in relation to its relative truth! for world peace! The quote of Suli's and the forum doesn't match with the date of things in my life for it to have been me with the quote, although world peace was working through Suli for the quote! Relativity and world peace will always work together in harmony! Relative to world peace! The law of relativity and the law of world peace! I credit those who deserve crediting and I credit myself who deserves crediting for the things credited to me! rightly accredited to me! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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idiot idiocy hope accredit original words works thoughts spread spreading relation truth forum match date life working suli work harmony relative relativity law world peace deserve credit deserves crediting credited rightly accredited joshua aaron guillory

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