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[World peace, Idiot, Idiocy, hope 14 of 19] Isn't this all our domains! Do some think it is only a residence or temporary stay? Is my car or the car I drive not his car? Is his car not my car? Is nature free and only we're using it but not owning it? Are we owning it yet not owning it? Does not the Hebrew word for hope, ''tiqvah'' as it is spelled by many, mean ''a cord or attachment'' or to ''be in accordance or attachment with something''! or to something? Can I not hope he didn't scratch my car! Can my car not be a future car and yet this car or a car before? Doesn't hope mean ''to be optimistic'' or ''full of hopes'' or ''have hopes.'' Isn't this one of the gifts God has given us? Isn't God good? Aren't we gods? And thus hopes, optimisms, and I hope he didn't! Or I hope he did nots? - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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world peace idiot idiocy domains residence temporary stay drive nature free owning hebrew word tiqvah spelled cord accordance attachment scratch future car optimistic full gifts god good gods hopes optimisms hope nots joshua aaron guillory

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