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[World peace, Idiot, Idiocy, hope 18 of 19] And am I fake if you call me fake? Am I not a real man speaking really? Is the word or letter man in the English language really man or the word real really real? Or is it just a word to describe man as the word God used to describe or relate God? Is life not a play? And earth a stage? And one of the definitions of hypocrite means a ''staged-actor''! or just ''staged-actor''! or actor of the stage? or stage-actor? Are we not playing our parts? Real or legal? Fake or true? Real and legal? Fake and true? Fake as true? True as fake and true? or true? are true? Aren't all my words true and scripture? Don't you have to relate it to get the infinite truth or to the infinite truth, with world peace? or the infinite truths of truth? or world peace of world peace? world peace is one? world peace is one! world peace is infinite? Infinitely true! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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idiot idiocy hope call speaking letter english language man word describe god life play earth definitions hypocrite means staged stage actor playing parts real legal fake words scripture relate truths truth world peace infinite infinitely true joshua aaron guillory

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