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[World peace, Idiot, Idiocy, hope 19 of 19] And if I called you a savage, could that not mean you are a ''save-age''! That in the age you live in or are that your opening up madly or happily or peacefully about thing/things which may be regarded as savage can actually save you! heal you! comfort you! be a form as we now call it ''therapy'' or ''therapeutic'' for you! Is there not a savor in savagery, sometimes or in certain forms of it! or kinds of it!? or instances of it? Is savagery in some or many instances not a form of aging [or maturity]? A sign you have grown to freedom?! or are more fully in harmony with it? or yourself! yourself! Well, my friends, all peoples, those who think I'm their enemy, those who have awakened to the good use of the word enemy in its perfection, Peace to you all! And peace to all of you! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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world idiot idiocy hope called age live opening madly happily peacefully regarded savage save heal comfort call therapy therapeutic savor forms kinds savagery instances form aging maturity sign grown freedom fully harmony friends peoples awakened good word enemy perfection peace joshua aaron guillory

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