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World peace is now and in the future! The more we live in harmony with it the better it will become for us relative to it! World peace is perfect and so are we! As long as we awaken to it and in its fullness and infinite potentiality and stay in it the better is will be for us! our experience! What need will armies or militaries or gangster/gangstas or mobs or anyone, including so-called prison inmates, have for killing? What have they now for it? What need do they not have for it? With my plan and truth and the spreading of it there will be no more reason for war? at least how we see it now, and totally! There will be discoveries and things will get easier and people more positive and at peace & with their peace and joy & joyful! even more so than now! Perfect world peace is the world peace I refer to much of the time & to some degree & every degree all the time! World peace is now & forever! We always practice it! My words are for now & later! later now! Peace - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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future live harmony relative long awaken fullness infinite potentiality stay experience armies militaries gangster gangstas mobs including called prison inmates killing plan truth spreading reason war totally discoveries easier people positive joy joyful perfect refer degree time world practice words peace joshua aaron guillory

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