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World peace world, Conversations with Artulu Josh and Livia (8 of 14) Josh: You guys are the best! My dear friends, we are all experts in the field of sciences! [or fields of science] Everybody helps and has helped one another! Livia: Yes, dear friends, and also sleeping is free at anytime! You're not called lazy or a bum, but you're respected with love! As all things are apart of nature! Artulu: Yes, and I love, dear friends, that medicines and machines, naturally so, allow or enable us to stay awake and yet feel completely rested if we choose to! Energetic, or completely energetic, too! Josh: Yes, dear friends! It's all beautiful, perfect, glorious and lovely! We did it! Now everything is perfect! Now everything is now!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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peace world conversations guys experts field sciences fields science helps helped livia sleeping free anytime called lazy bum respected nature artulu love medicines machines naturally enable stay awake feel rested choose completely energetic josh dear friends beautiful glorious lovely perfect joshua aaron guillory

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