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Yeah, you're a hit yo) Men's brains and heart are clogged your videos and photos. You Ultra-TURBO-Gipper-mega-soup-dupa- sexy. This sexy as you want throughout kissing and kissing, caressing, always vechnoooooo) inflamed, exciting, seductive, sensual beautiful, sexy and appetizing. Nothing attracts like your sexy image, impelling hot excitement, desire, You are my only passion, healing. No, no, I do not run for beauty, and reach for just you go after you. Sweet, hot beast. Sweeter thy tender flesh nothing happens. La Dolce Vita is just next to you. You are so beautiful, that of love for you, even dizzy. You are a powerful attraction, passion, eternal obsession. I have hallucinations, it seems to me that I can only see you everywhere. You're the sweetest fruit in the entire universe. I like you on a lifetime dream. Without you my whole life is a continuous mourning. You're the coolest. You Sexy Babe. You're the first and last beauty in this world, you're what I strive and reach for in t
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yeah hit men brains heart clogged videos photos ultra turbo gipper mega soup dupa kissing caressing vechnoooooo inflamed exciting seductive sensual appetizing attracts image impelling excitement desire healing run sweet hot beast sweeter thy tender flesh dolce vita beautiful love dizzy powerful attraction passion eternal obsession hallucinations sweetest fruit entire universe lifetime dream life continuous mourning coolest sexy babe beauty world strive reach

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