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Yes! I am a failure,because of a support of cowardice like you :(
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failure support cowardice

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Iam3sent2see1truth on November 11, 2017, 10:14 pm
"Failure is blaming the route that lead you, at which you arrived at the moment to say yourself a failure. Not the route that fails you, it leads only to a better one, one you must see by self support, not by wanting support from a route not worth to take. Cowardice is only fear of the truth, the truth of he is unworthy of your achievements, unworthy to even blam for failure, falsely showing support is a cowards seek of self worth. He brought you down when you believed he is to blame, You failed by not seeing your worth and the achievements you can and will make without any support from any but your own. You are not a failure because failure is a procces that has no end and success is in your hand as long as you never again say you failed, but say instead I have not yet arrived at my Destination of Achievement only because im learning failure is nothing but lessons to be learned along the way towards your own self supported route to success." MP

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