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You are the pencil to your paper. We all begin our life as a paper, folded numerous times. The decisions you make, actions you take, people you surround yourself with, and most important habits you form- are ultimately the pencil that writes onto your folded paper. Throughout one's life, their paper will unfold, revealing what their pencil has written. And with every unfold, the space on the paper will get bigger and the contents that were written will influence the next unfolding. It is up to you to decide what you write in your space as it unfolds; Because one day, your paper will unfold one final time, revealing the biggest space of your paper, whose content will pre-determine the rest of your future. Don't waste your space. Use your pencil wisely.
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numerous times decisions actions people surround important habits form ultimately writes folded life bigger contents written influence unfolding decide write unfolds day unfold final time revealing biggest paper content pre determine rest future waste space pencil wisely

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