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You are the supreme, absolute aerobatics. You're beautiful and perfect image, which you can imagine. It looks so beautiful goddess. You are the supreme good, pleasure and enjoyment in this universe. I put mad-billiard points and infinity sign in the bargain, your unique beauty. You're beautiful to the extent that you immediately feel like getting married, and live with you all eternity. Your tantalizing sexually exciting figure keeps my mind completely under your control. You thermonuclear sex bomb baby boom. It's what you want to see my eyes. Your gentle saldko-sexy voice that's all they want to hear my ears. The smell of your skin, it's what I want to inhale. I breathe only because you're near me. When you are near the heart of love knocks often. And the excitement level of your beauty culminates. Oh how beautiful you are and how much I love you, that's all I want to tell you. Your luxurious flesh and soul is all that ever wants to feel my flesh and soul. Your love is all I ever want
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absolute aerobatics perfect image imagine goddess supreme good pleasure enjoyment universe mad billiard points infinity sign bargain unique extent immediately married live eternity tantalizing sexually exciting figure mind completely control thermonuclear sex bomb baby boom eyes gentle saldko sexy voice hear ears smell skin inhale breathe heart knocks excitement level beauty culminates beautiful luxurious feel flesh soul love

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