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You can activate yourself/other people's self of you in them, angel/demon, human/beast, god/goddess, good/evil, or perfect/imperfect perception! You can either send an angel to help you or a demon to kill you! Evoke, invoke, provoke! even manifest someone to choke you! ha-ha! The definition of angels are infinite & the definition of demons are infinite! Until you realize the infinitude of life & everything you will be stuck in the game/reality & deception which makes you think you can determine fully/perfectly the truth/lie of someone/something! Many & to some degree all of you are sick! You need spiritual attention as your medical attention! And some of you need medical attention as your spiritual attention & both! I was explaining to my mom/mother around 8:32 AM over the cell phone that a person can always be at peace because we each have infinite thoughts! You can be angry & at peace! As long as you're aware/unaware to your peace you can [be] & are at peace! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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activate people human beast god goddess good evil perfect imperfect perception send angel demon kill evoke invoke provoke manifest choke angels definition demons realize infinitude life stuck game reality deception determine fully perfectly truth lie degree sick medical spiritual attention explaining mom mother cell phone person infinite thoughts angry long aware unaware peace joshua aaron guillory

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