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You can never go wrong with world peace! You can go wrong with religions, governments, and supremacies! And you can go very, very wrong with trying to destroy religions, governments and supremacies! The wise man will seek to unite the good of supremacists or supremacies, of religionists or religions, government officials or workers and governments with world peace! He will take the good of them to overcome the evil of them! He will take their good to overcome their evil! Many so-called enlightened individuals are agents or manifesting themselves ignorantly or voluntarily in the consciousness of wicked agencies of government, religion, and class! Many website officials or workers or staff and members are agents or manifesting themselves in this consciousness! Many neighbors likewise are manifesting themselves in that consciousness - the agent consciousness! Mostly because their weak, jealous and powerless in a bad way! I on the other hand am peaceful like a baby! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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wrong destroy wise man seek unite supremacists supremacies religionists religions governments world peace good overcome evil called enlightened individuals ignorantly voluntarily wicked agencies government religion class website officials workers staff members agents neighbors manifesting agent consciousness weak jealous powerless bad hand peaceful baby joshua aaron guillory

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