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You enter into a deep tunnel of his own infantile egoism, he shaped crazy, creepy, clown smiles, there sounds of laughter, frightening to the core. You walk into the great hall of his ego, you can see huge toys that hang on the ropes, it's a plane, rocket, stars, where the track is lit like a disco dance floor, which resembles a glowing baseplate Lego, and on both sides of the track, located audience is the corpses of people who lurk in the shadows, they are people who you once destroyed. And sounds recorded their laughter, their admiration, praise, and applause, but here it quickly subsides, and you climb on colorful glowing staircase. When touched, each of them you can hear the gentle sound of the piano keys. You see his throne in the shape of a giant teddy bear, with brutal smile on his lips, lit by a spotlight throne, pale gold brilliant light. Behind the throne shining lights that simulate sunlight. And you put your festive birthday paper crown, king losers. Author: Musin Almat Zh
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enter deep tunnel infantile egoism shaped crazy creepy clown smiles frightening core walk great hall ego huge toys hang ropes plane rocket stars disco dance floor resembles baseplate lego sides track located audience corpses lurk shadows people destroyed sounds recorded laughter admiration praise applause quickly subsides climb colorful glowing staircase touched hear gentle sound piano keys shape giant teddy bear brutal smile lips lit spotlight pale gold brilliant light throne shining lights simulate sunlight festive birthday paper crown king losers author musin almat

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