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You have paved tombs in multitudes instead of immortality, You have elected a gun, a knife and sword over a bible, You have elected an electric chair over repentance, You have elected gaining what you want, even if cruelty is the answer, Congratulations you happen to have many fans and disciples who loves your work, The Boko Haram, Isis, USA and now South African Police Service, Peace and living happily ever after is counter-productive for you, Wealthy, beauty, power, medical aid, bullet proof, biggest pharmacy arsenal, Will never halt, limit, stop or define your period of harvest,
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paved tombs multitudes immortality gun knife sword bible electric chair repentance elected gaining cruelty answer congratulations happen fans disciples loves work boko haram isis usa south african police service peace living happily counter productive wealthy beauty power medical aid bullet proof biggest pharmacy arsenal halt limit stop define period harvest

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