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You have to realize on the enlightened journey, for peace of mind, that sometimes God will do to you as Moses, let you view the promise land, or certain wisdom or ideas, but not enter into it first. That is, not let you be the first to share the thought to the world, or with the world, although you may have thought it first, or spoke of it first. And sometimes this is done for the John-the-Baptist or Venus purpose. Sometimes people must prepare the way for you, and vice versa, so that when you come, your time comes, the world will be ready to receive you - to hear your message. This has happened with me many times that I have made certain discoveries in the fields of science, physics, and other genres, though they all relate, but others have gotten the credit for it. And you must be willing to transform from Moses to Joshua to be ready to view or manifest in the promised land of World peace! And if you're called and chosen you will! It's fate! And your choice! - Joshua Aaron Guillory
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