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You know not how pure my tears never fill a bottle, Directly sky, so little in a cup placed apart gutter, Pure my love to honey I stick to wax when stung me, In time am heal still a cure for something disorder. Oh! dressed me not in smoke my adhere, Do engrossed your heart to vein in leaf adhere till death, Reject me not to a reek egg where maggots live, Do clinched me to shell, inchoate without your faith. I want carry our faith to snail shell in enjoy of dwell, I want to cry till tear flow not in my moonlight, beloved, If severely my heart in this, stitches rips in excel, You're doctor to my emotions when waiting for bond. So I don't that cry to birds wishing forgotten trill, So I don't fade away to ashes in rage of flame, my belle.
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tears fill bottle sky cup gutter pure love honey stick wax stung time heal cure disorder dressed smoke engrossed vein leaf adhere death reject reek egg maggots live clinched inchoate carry faith snail shell enjoy dwell tear flow moonlight beloved severely heart stitches rips excel doctor emotions waiting bond cry birds wishing forgotten trill fade ashes rage flame belle

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