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You might never know, how much I love you so, if I could have enough strength that I could fly and not be shy, I would have spend a lot more time to let you know there is someone like me that loves you so. Standing so close to you I could feel your wonderful heart beat, but why my heart was shy and let it slip, I now have this terrible beat under a dreadful summer heat. Will I ever see you again, because there so much pain. Hope someday your beautiful heart will let you know you left a wonderful impression that is so so deep within this heart that is falling apart, as if there is a terrible depression under a heavy recession, only because my heart never told you so how much a single impression of that beautiful light yellow dress and with that beautiful light golden hair has made.
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love strength fly spend lot time loves standing close feel shy slip beat dreadful summer heat pain hope left wonderful deep falling terrible depression heavy recession heart told single impression yellow dress beautiful light golden hair

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