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You're not to die on roof if sky decides not fall, breather, Starry some nights when the lamp is full of love, Only when you seek to climb up that faith become ladder, Some days beloved star hide in sky but never leave. Tell me not a paradise without man or women, if you rise up to seek in new way, beautiful minds, that tend heart to ocean's breeze one rest on divan, Woman's heart is the wool in coldness of nights. So we see clearly when man breaks from lure dream, Look man let this shadow's love go away, Oh let her free to snow, revive your sorrow from dream, Ignore past severed in love and grow up calla lily. Let luridly love go and breathe in faith to seek again. Let her clashing shadows drop off and complete your deen.
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die roof decides fall breather starry lamp full climb ladder days beloved star hide sky leave paradise women rise beautiful minds tend ocean breeze rest divan woman heart wool coldness nights breaks lure man shadow free snow revive sorrow dream ignore severed grow calla lily luridly love breathe faith seek clashing shadows drop complete deen

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