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You're too weak to deal with, I must not retaliate. You're elegant sight but frail depth. My relationship with you have now a full stop without a new paragraph. not that you have untied my composure but your perfected error isn't interesting for my patience to involved with. Nothing but masterpiece of horror, time can't be manage with an hypocrite. You inflicted upon deep wound with fire, you crushed the garden of my soul. You disrespect whole identity and respect. I forgive you, never to forget to care about the wound you inflicted. When you imagine how deeply a wound, you cry alone, let cry by a waterfall because no one will hear me crying about this wound. Some wounds can't be manage but to cry and seek relief from Allah in a serene place in our absolutely reflection May Allah forgive us all
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weak deal retaliate elegant sight frail depth relationship full stop paragraph untied composure perfected error interesting patience involved masterpiece horror time hypocrite deep fire crushed garden soul disrespect identity respect forget care inflicted imagine deeply waterfall hear crying wound wounds manage cry seek relief serene place absolutely reflection allah forgive

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