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You said my quotes are a challenge to you and you want to compete with me. If So,then I'll give you certain tips to make quotes like me. 1)Use simple English words, 2)instead of using complicated words,use easy ones. 3)if you,by chance use difficult ones,provide a meaning next to that particular tough word. 4)help people understand your quotes' meaning with that particular person or a thing's special nature, 5)Use normal English,instead of the new urban English, 6)don't forget to use grammar and punctuation in your quote,because it gives a special musical feeling. 7)Be original,if not,copy in a different way and use different words,to hide it. And that's it! These are my suggestions :)
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challenge compete give tips simple complicated easy chance difficult provide tough word people understand quotes meaning person nature normal urban english forget grammar punctuation special musical feeling original copy words hide suggestions

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