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You see my dear the things you think can't be true. Because I love you. I always will. Yes I have manipulated and hurt and no excuse accept love. I do anything for just one more day with you. You just can't imagine how beautiful you are to me. Not just your body but Your mind and your eyes the gateway to your soul. I still remember asking you to open them and see me for first time. You simply are the most amazing person in the world to me. So how could i do any of the things you think? I simply wouldn't. When I say I love You I really mean it. I don't say it to the masses for sure but I could tell you everyday. But I can't keep hurting you saying your wrong wrong wrong. I know the truth your my love of a lifetime my best friend my unbelievable lover. Your perfect to me so tell me how could I ever do what you claim when your perfect. Just know I knew the truth and I still gave you your freedom. Guilty of loving you in all wrong ways but that's all. Always..
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dear true manipulated hurt excuse accept day imagine beautiful body mind eyes gateway soul remember open time amazing person world simply masses everyday hurting love lifetime friend unbelievable lover claim perfect knew truth gave freedom guilty loving wrong ways

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Kruthika on May 18, 2016, 8:21 pm
This one too....

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