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You think you know me, no you don’t. How can you know me when I don’t know myself. I know my goals, my capabilities and worth. Most of the time I surprise myself. I have made mistakes huge and small. … I screwed up… fallen down and pulled myself up. I have fought in a mans world, to achieve what was and is my right. I have been torn apart in this world by mens ego, with attitude beyond compare. I stood my grounds, fought till I almost dropped dead… Yes I am not an angle, yet a lesser devil… With all the setbacks, the achievements, the resilience’s and rejections I am proud of the women I have become… And as long as I have breath, my story remains in development stage…
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don goals capabilities worth time surprise mistakes huge small screwed fallen pulled mans achieve torn world mens ego attitude compare stood grounds fought dropped dead angle lesser devil setbacks achievements resilience rejections proud women long breath story remains development stage

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