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You will struggle with people around you who can assist or offer help, they will let go from one door to another hungry stomach with the same response, "nothing at this present moment we will let you know as soon as there is something". A rejection after rejection, slap after slap, embarrassing yourself by taking anything coming your way, just to have something to eat. At that stage NO ONE sees you as a potential friend; potential life partner. You are NOBODY to many. You lose friends. But since nothing last forever, you get to meet your day too . You get to enjoy the sun shine. Life is now good for you and people start to notice you; demand things from you; expect you to be nice to them at their terms. How quickly people can forget their cruelty, their ignorance to the needy ones. If you didn't give, don't expect to receive.
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struggle assist offer door hungry stomach response present moment rejection slap embarrassing coming eat stage sees friend potential partner lose friends meet day enjoy sun shine life good start notice demand nice terms quickly people forget cruelty ignorance needy give expect receive

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