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Your body might be tired. But deep inside your heart n soul you are who u want to be. Our mind works in so different ways THAT U CANNOT EXPLAIN THE MEANING OF LIFE OR WHY LIFE IS SO HARD. BUT U CAN ALWAYS MAKE A DIFFERENCE ON SOMEONE'S EXISTENCE. BECAUSE LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. You can go through hell and back n realize......that you are ur own savior! People say " grab the bull by its horns" but how can u take something or someone stronger than you by not been dragged!? Life might not be easy but at the end of The day .. Everything is going to be alright. We ask our selfs questions that cannot be answer at the time.. Live your life I say... Everyone has a destiny.- Jose Toledo est1989 RWC
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body tired deep heart soul mind works ways explain meaning hard difference existence beautiful hell realize savior people grab bull horns stronger dragged easy day alright selfs questions answer time live life destiny jose toledo est1989 rwc

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