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Your mother is a matured date tree grew up in oasis of desert, That others see how firmed its root strives to reach nutrients, That you see its trunks searching for upright before height, Everyone cherished by its tastes, I observed in her fruits, Your mother is a door of hope when others are closed swiftly, Mother two faces to a door, served reasons when advises one, one closed wrong, other protected you as her duty, Miss Ray, Through her door we see beautiful mind of Amina when act alone, That Arab love date, that Amina is loved by what possessed, Door never depart wall, I pray good never depart her mother, You're teacher of soul in depth of your mother's mirror, we looked, You're a calm mirror that Ray looked to learn, a copier, The beauty in you, is beauty of her, Momma Amina, That beauty of two lamps in sky are not fake, Ma.
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matured tree grew oasis desert firmed root strives reach nutrients trunks searching upright height cherished tastes observed fruits hope swiftly faces served reasons advises closed wrong protected duty beautiful mind act arab love date loved possessed door wall pray good depart teacher soul depth mother calm mirror ray looked learn copier momma amina beauty lamps sky fake

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