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Your philosophy - it is a selfish self-deception. You're the one in the endless, cold darkness of human indifference, in the hands of your flashlight, you shine the inscription was lost. You are deprived of the true vision of the world because of their own sinful selfishness. This disgusting, immoral world operates only one half of your consciousness, whereas the other half in his own world. You're my body, the mouse, the body is like a living corpse, in his empty, selfish goals. As you can see, the dark pessimism of natural light selfish optimism artificial. Humanity, to know the bottom of the ocean of pessimism, where they fully enjoy their own ugliness, which does not recognize. Their naked feelings make them cry, looking at its ugly side, from fierce hatred to the dark side of his personality that wants your bright side of personality, himself and all but senseless suicide evil. What makes a man with humanity itself - is a real suicide. And in this case will be the first key pessim
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philosophy deception endless cold darkness human indifference hands flashlight shine inscription lost deprived true vision sinful selfishness disgusting immoral operates consciousness world mouse body living corpse empty goals natural light selfish optimism artificial bottom ocean pessimism fully enjoy ugliness recognize naked feelings cry ugly fierce hatred dark bright side personality senseless evil man humanity real suicide case key pessim

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