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Yoy say you love my hair, my blue eyes, you say I have the perfect height, perfect face, mouth, perfect body, prefect personiality, good friends, the perfect family, you say I am physicaly and mentaly strong, we have the same interests, the same friends. You say I'm perfect! You say you love me. You say we can't be together because you don't have enough time. You spend 40% of your day alone, I can be with you on these occasions when your lonley. You can trust me with all your will, but still you wont accept me. Why won't you accept me? why?
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yoy hair blue eyes height face mouth body prefect personiality good family physicaly mentaly strong interests friends perfect love time spend day occasions lonley trust wont accept

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Depressionaasc on May 10, 2018, 8:00 am
Please give tips, im heartbroken. -.-

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