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I have messed up, You have messed up. He has messed up, She has messed up. They have messed up, E

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your life is a result of your

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Follow your heart and do what you think is right, so that when life happens you shouldn

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Uninstalling the heart break incidents.. Backing up valuable persons.. Vault flashback memorable

Love, trust, jealousy they are all strong emotions.. But if you label them all as just 'emotions' your life might be empty, but at least won't feel..
-Djordje Peric

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Everything has its reason, if you don

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We seem to fight for our survival in society that we close off our vulnerable side to maintain our perceived credibility by creating a barrier..
-Edmond H Sweidy

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I wanted more, I wanted to reach for something. So I decided to stop holding on to

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Ignorance of what is up to the world and covered by the pop culture which adoring the lifestyle is


When we go through hell surviving isn

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We all have secrets that we keep from

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The trouble with crackheads is that they don

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Sundays are made to love


Never look for a relation to overcome your loneliness or weakness. Look for a true companionship

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Darkness is light in the eyes of a greater

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too much of anything is never a good thing - unless it

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desperation leads to temptation, which is  a product of self

You can do anything you set your mind

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either you are riding with me or you are in the way looking to get run


What did not create me, cannot destroy

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Ever has been anyone lucky enough to find peace without tasting the agony?

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If your dreams aren

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before your time is up - be everything you want to be - do everything you want to

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You can take my phone, my car, my money, and I will be fine. You can take away my house, my future, all of my personal possessions, even my family's..
-Liam Kiley

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It's not your job, money, car or social status that defines you in life, it's the people around you that choose to have you in their life and love..
-Greg Pendleton

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A Dad is sometimes just a Man with a wallet in his pocket, but a real Dad is there raising his kids

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Life is one continuous moment full of everyone

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His love was like a rainbow but unfortunately she was colorblind..

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Failure is a myth, and having fear of myth is just a waste of

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when you are not ashamed you can bring out and do


I'm going to be gone for a while, I need to get my life together and find myself. A ribbon presented itself to me while I was in the abyss, upon my..

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How to RESPECT cannot be taught, it should be an Automatic Teller Machine!

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True love doesn

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If you spend the day thinking about the regrets of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow, then you have no today in which to enjoy life. Seize today,..
-Robert Ramsey

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If you don

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Life is like a three lane freeway, ALL lanes going forward! 120, 80 & 60 speed zones, no stopping

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Artist retires when he dies

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Love is

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Love Life
Being present in the moment gives peace and rest to mind and

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truth, honesty, loyalty, respect, kindness, determination.. these are the attributes we should live

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Our differences are what make us

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Speaking, reading and writing is the sequence of communication one uses the most in life, but only


You don

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I didn

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In this world we all need a purpose and once you have discovered yours, the puzzle called life is

Be careful, what you seek, it could prison you for

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Every book starts with a blank page, so do

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We were born to do what we can

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