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you can not create perfect love if you were called by somebody

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Ones kids are loved more than one

in a broken relationship: letting go and moving on is really hard, but as you go along the way you will realize that you will learn to forgive him,..


why is it when guys break girls


If a man says

I gave you my heart for then I knew no one could make me happier, or make me giggle like you do, you have held my hands and assured me your love is..
-Karrella Jones

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There is only one greatest treasure at this moment, this time, this life.. TO LOVE AND BE LOVED


Love is like trophies, sometimes you win it, and sometimes you lose


the touch of lovers


Even in heaven, I can

Love is in my heart, can


Love is like a sick dog that you have had forever , you want it to survive but yet you don

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I hold on to the hope that you

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Trust someone that believes in you, love someone that treats you right, forget the ones that

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Love can sometimes be magic. But magic can, sometimes, just be an

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love is a common feeling, but sometimes it will be a common



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love your hater they should not be your biggest fear, love your friends the same way you love you

Friendship Fear

The journey seemed long and unsure, but I kept telling myself there is gold on the other side. I


Love binds family while money separates

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So what if I can

Heart Loneliness

I will always be by your side till the day I die. I couldn't stand to live my life without you. When my heart felt like it was about to break you..
-Trystan Strawn


Love Life Time
Everyone loves, but only few people cherish

love at first sight is only possible between soul


If you find the combination to unlock a broken heart, you are a

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If loving you is wrong.. then I don

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I will wait eternally by your side friend, lover or foe. I will never leave your side, unless you

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What I do know is what I was fighting for was worth it, maybe not to you, but to me it was and

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I have no strength to say


For some reason this question always appears in my head ,I know I love you, but why? My answer, Y.


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Easy come, easy go! Nothing in this life that is worth having is EASY. Especially in relationships and LOVE. Getting to know someone takes time! J..
-Alejandra Hernandez

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that one person, where no matter how long you don


I can never be fine , if you can never be


We give everything we can and are ready to give more.. Knowing it will go away, but we still want them to try.. being selfish we want them to CHOOSE U..
-Nidhi Saini

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Love Time
Love many and many will hate you. Hate many and more will hate

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i love when there is a you in the picture

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Sex is seduction of body as long as lust is involved in

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Love never found

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I love you. I can't live without you. I feel so incomplete without you. You are a part of me and I can't live if I don't have that part. I am not..
-nadia khan

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everybody says that when you first fall in love is the best, but it actually hurts the

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My children


Another month, Another year, Another smile, Another tear, Another summer, and another winter too, B


Hate is like cancer. It

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Cinderella lost her slipper not her virginity. you don

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Love is patience, trust and loyalty. The one thing that it


If I ever lost you, my soul would roam this world alone and not even the most trying bodies could

Heart Loneliness

Love is a two-way game, you cannot truly love one who does not love you, neither can you force them

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Band-Aids Don

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O. W said that