success song

Success Song

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Success Song Quotes

If you don't come back to me in time you are out of my time...
-success song


To be exploring is to


I still don

Freedom Truth

Peace and unity is better than war and

Freedom Life Peace Truth War

If it doesn

Creativity Life Romantic Wisdom

Deflect not rather than reflect it to glorify God the ancient of

Confidence Creativity God Wisdom

Lol.... lot of laugh you are taking it for long it


The reason why I preach before man and God is for you to know the truth inspire in me by L

God Heart Life Truth


Friendship Heart Life Love Relationship

Frustration is a misleading agent while patience leading the

If what you are doing is the best don

The minds of man is a book every other people read to teach and learn....
-success song


The content of the message is truth don't need to be reverse and regards it to be lie...
-success song


To live is to restrict to die is to surrender...
-success song

Death Freedom God Life Wisdom

What's book? It's mans mind in writings for other people to read....
-success song

Creativity Inspirational Wisdom

Think twice act once repeat and master

Creativity Imagination Wisdom

I think am the one in love with you may be that

Heart Loneliness Love Relationship Romantic

The man called Herman take right for wrong and leave wrong for right his wife is called H

Funny Philosophy Relationship Wisdom

Music is my contemporary spirit don

Desire Heart Inspirational Life


Confidence Freedom God Fear

Awkward moment when my spiritual garment go to church and I'm home render supplication to the God...
-success song

Funny God Philosophy Wisdom

Some call it loneliness I tag it to be a

Heart Loneliness Truth

The percentage of love in your heart is equal to peace of my soul in love to you in proportion...
-success song

Creativity Funny Love

I don

Love Romantic Truth

Initially when we met I don't think about your words until I realize and rethink you are preaching as a socialist of love peace and Happiness then my
-success song

Heart Love Relationship Romantic Truth

Life thought me two basic rules to get independent #1never quit #2 always remember rule #1
-success song

Freedom Leadership Life Philosophy Wisdom

I love your proposal going through it pinpoint the key to the project

Business Optimism Success

I love your proposal going through it pinpoint the key to the project scheduled
-success song

Business Optimism Success

Nice writeup dear, God will continuing to enrich you with wisdom knowledge and understanding. Keep

Creativity God Optimism Wisdom

At the death zone I'm peace beware and even caution in movement in other to strategy. .
-success song

Death Freedom Leadership Life Peace

Quote of the day: The spirit that define love in your soul describe it better to the best in my heart...
-success song


Those who think you can

Freedom Life

You can be nudist and at the same time value an expensive clothing is of no use to their


What keep freedom moving is the confidence to conquer fear over

Confidence Death Freedom Leadership Fear

Panic fear and elevate your confidence....
-success song

Confidence Freedom Fear

High spirit made decide mind of stoner not to be


Religion is not an identity or certificate rather than the right way to meet the requirement of God

God Heart Inspirational Wisdom

Just like the nature that guide the principle of creativity to be recreative to meet the standard

Creativity Truth Wisdom

There's nothing best than to be yourself and that what make the leadership to stand upright before his followers...
-success song

Freedom Leadership Life Truth

If its not truth check it out to know the


I have an ambition to launch straight seven creativity soon without preparation but to learn from

Creativity Inspirational Success

There are some people that will elevate your mind those are your helper to greatness supported by God....
-success song

Friendship God Inspirational Leadership

The more the philosophy the more the creativity cos it

Creativity Freedom God Philosophy

If you don

Creativity Philosophy

Systematically some are grant to move the drug from one place to another why the others are not????
-success song

Freedom Leadership Truth Wisdom

I'm a stoner there's no controversy about that but that doesn't make me go against words of good....
-success song

Freedom God Leadership Life Truth

Some people has already discovered their talent and yet remain stagnant those people need

Confidence Creativity Inspirational Leadership Success

The bearest minimum of pain is the beginning of

The weakness is the starting point of the strength always ready to elevate your inner

Confidence Courage Inspirational Philosophy

Only race run lead to grace of God not to be

Freedom God Life Peace Short