Experience on Earth:23 Years
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Short Bio: If you have to ask, you'll never know.

Levi Quotes

"Plans aren

Short Success Time Witty Wisdom

"A reasonable person is the one who can present an idea you totally disagree with, while earning

Philosophy Short Truth Wisdom

"A modernist changes many things, but he leaves behind the blueprints and measurements for what he set out to change. It becomes what his heart

Life Short Success Truth Wisdom

"Most people talk for a reaction... don't say anything, and let them react to their own words." - Levi Barros

Education Leadership Life Truth Wisdom

"Examine ideas, which are eternal. Let be the individual, who will not likely emulate the idea to

Life Philosophy Religion Truth Wisdom

"Everyone hates evil until it befalls someone they hate." - Levi B

Hate Life Philosophy Truth Wisdom

"To create the greatest art, you must recognize that all things grow old. Do not simply ponder whether your art will be beautiful upon completion;

Beauty Time Truth

"I was an old man as soon as I hit 19. I think I was born with an old soul, and I've always loved old people. I'm happy, I'm tired, I'm calm and I'm

Death Happiness Life Time

"Atheism has become a series of behavioral codes that replace what Christianity used to impose." - L

Change Faith

"Good ideas are often those that grow under harsh mockery." - Levi B

God Success Truth Wisdom

"When sin is defeated, and man proceeds on the path to holiness, it leaves him with nothing to do but worship God, and use science to invent things

Goal God Religion Wisdom

"The ideology known as atheism, is the precious pearl which is held dear to the man who does not want to be told how to live, but would rather allow

Life Philosophy Truth Wisdom

"Believing you evolved from a beast does not make you intelligent, it makes you primitive. Believing you were created by the supreme author of life

Beauty Desire God Life Truth

"Everyone is a free thinker, because everyone is free to think. Few are the dedicated thinkers so occupied by constructive thought that they never

Creativity Imagination Philosophy Truth Wisdom

"The cynical mind comforts the spiritually tormented." - Levi B

Faith God Philosophy Truth Wisdom

"Only the devil asks where he is, from the lips of the fallen." - Levi Barros

Faith Religion Truth Wisdom

"Living a righteous life can be utterly miserable. Accedat huc oportet magis ut vivere quam haec. D

Anger Faith God Loneliness

"True charity for the homeless, isn't about giving them drug money or feeding them today but never again. True charity for the homeless, is sitting

Change Inspirational Philosophy Success

"All men are born equal... sure. But then, all men grow up, and they make decisions which render

Change Life Philosophy Wisdom

"A tough guy isn

Anger Leadership Life Wisdom

"Ask for a town, and God may answer with a village, or a city. But if you desire the world, and ask

God Life Success Truth Wisdom

"The safest ones are the people who keep war fresh on their minds. War is inevitable; Understand it, master it, and always be ready for it. War is

Life Truth War Wisdom

"give a man a fish and he

Hope Success

"A man consumed with the knowledge and fear of hell, has nothing to lose. He is unstoppable because he is fear itself. Not all motivations are

Death Life Truth Wisdom Fear

God will prove Himself to you, after you have proven yourself to Him. - Levi B

Faith God Truth Wisdom

"In the absence of absolute truth, there are no arguments for anything. Every dispute among men, hinges on the concept that there is truth outside of

Education Philosophy Religion Truth Wisdom

"Happiness is not worth striving for. It is a very temporary and highly dependent emotion. The deepest personal desire of mortals, should not be

Happiness Philosophy Time Truth Wisdom

"The fearful sheep sympathize with the wolves when they realize they are doomed." - Levi B

Philosophy Truth War Wisdom

"Truth is something you know, and you really don't care what others have to say about it, because it changes nothing in your mind. A fact is

Life Philosophy Religion Truth Wisdom

"The word 'fact' is used like a verbal weapon. As if it concludes your point and protects you from ridicule. A thorough explanation of something true,

Education Philosophy Truth Wisdom

"I don't believe in facts, because the definition of a fact is something that cannot be disputed. Yet history shows us that everything, no matter how

Education Faith Life Philosophy Success

"The more subjects you bring into an argument, the more you dilute the one that is most significant in proving your overall point. Avoid making

Education Faith Leadership Life Peace

"The methods you use to attain something are the methods you will use to keep something. If you lie, cheat and steal to become king, then you will

Business Change Education Faith Failure

"If your claim about something is true, then it is unnecessary for you to undermine the opposing idea. Your explanation of your claim will indirectly

Business Education Faith Leadership Life

"In war, you attack your opponent. In a debate, you attack your opponent's ideas. The moment you get personal, you are no longer debating. And the

Anger Business Change Education Faith

"Life is often like a gladiator arena. Victory goes not to the man who knows the most, for his skin will bleed all the same; but the victor fights

Change Confidence Courage Death Desire

"When you ask a question long enough, and it goes unanswered, because the mind fears uncertainty, you will unconsciously develop your own answer

Change Education Faith Failure Life

"You don't lead a person to the truth by trying to give them what you think is an answer. You can only try to lead them to the truth by giving them

Change Education Faith Leadership Life

"It doesn't matter how correct you may be, as soon as you insult or mock someone while attempting to get your point across; you are wrong. " - Levi B

Business Failure Friendship Leadership Life

"The world

Inspirational Philosophy Time Truth Wisdom