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For a teacher to snub a child, is worse than the undoing of all the trust and learning that has

Dreams Education Heart Life Wisdom

Friends are not always only a reflection of you, neither are they perfect, but they are there to make your life more complete.

Friendship Happiness Heart Life Wisdom

Empathy does not mean acceptance. It only means that you understand how other

Heart Hope Life Time Truth

If time does not heal anger to love and understanding, you need to take a second look at

Anger Heart Love Time

True friends laugh, love, talk, listen, scream, shout, disagree, forgive, understand, sympathize, empathize, walk together in silence and may stay

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Choose not your friends by their outward show- For a frivolous things float high But the heart has the glow.

Friendship Happiness Heart Love Wisdom

Love is that which lightens your burdens and makes you fly even without

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When you block a friend, you block your own

Friendship Life Truth Witty Wisdom

Talking negatively about others is spewing poison and venom in the air. It suffocates the

Anger Hate Heart Life Fear

When negative things happen, it is then, all the more that we need our positive energies so that we

Anger Friendship Life Optimism Relationship

When someone enters your life saying he has no friends, he is either looking for self pity or is too egoistical to be able to have a long standing

Friendship Life Loneliness Relationship Truth

Only a narcissistic person cripples her family as much as she can so that they be dependent on her.

Hate Life Loneliness Fear

When someone speaks badly of others whenever you meet, you can be sure that she speaks badly of you in your absence.

Life Philosophy Truth Wisdom

When you accept a person as a friend, take him for his whole, good and bad. Do not criticize him and pull him down.

Friendship Life Love Patience Philosophy

Ego allows for only a narcissistic relation with the

Friendship Life Loneliness Love Relationship

Eventually, blocking friends results in blocked arteries.

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