Samer Abukhaled

Samer Abukhaled

Location:Chicago, Illinois, American
Experience on Earth:29 Years
Experience on OwnQuotes: 5 Years 1 Months

Samer Abukhaled Quotes

Heaven is wherever YOU


Wishing and wanting alone is not enough for attainment. The addition of dedication and hard work

Goal Inspirational

Succumbing to all the pain I

Life Wisdom

Why must your happiness fuel my misery?

Loneliness Love Sad

I can

Love Peace Romantic

The fear of losing someone is the distraction to losing sight of who you

Goal Inspirational Leadership Love Fear

It only takes one significant person to either complete you or completely destroy you.
-Samer Abukhaled

Happiness Hate Heart Love Romantic

The most painful revelations are the most important ones, yet we strive to avoid them at all costs?
-Samer Abukhaled


A grain of salt is more valuable than the wise words of a

Life Truth Wisdom

The deeper the sadness the saltier the

Loneliness Sad Truth

To love is to fly without

Happiness Love Peace

Stare life right in the face and approach without fear
-Samer Abukhaled

Inspirational Life


Inspirational Life Patience Sad

My personal thoughts and expressions are not to be put on a "rating scale" for anyone's approval.
-Samer Abukhaled


The mistakes I

Nostalgia is my favorite emotion. It is the only one that makes sense.
-Samer Abukhaled

Life Peace Time

To me, you

Beauty Love

Trust is like glass. It

You can


To judge me is to attack me. It


The world still turns. I

Inspirational Life Optimism


God Life

Never underestimate the will power of an individual. After all, the will and drive of that

Courage Desire Hope Inspirational

Is it the fate of all human beings to befriend and betray each other?

A nation is a nation because of its people. Without its people, it

Desire to

Inspirational Short

When life "shows you the door", open

Goal Hope Inspirational Witty

A special moment is more remembered by what was felt in the heart than what was expressed through


If there is a thin line between genius and insanity, there is a thinner line between optimism and

Life Optimism

Don't say what you've done. Say what you WILL do. Don't say where you've gone. Say where you WILL go.
-Samer Abukhaled

Confidence Desire Dreams Goal Life

The difference between a man and a child? A man takes responsibility for his mistakes; A child is

Life Wisdom

To lose patience is to lose the proper


You call it naivety; I call it a learning

Life Optimism Truth

Receiving the heart of the person you love is like receiving all of the riches in the world twice.
-Samer Abukhaled

Life Love

Despite what you may think, the world is


The mere desire to succeed overshadows a moment of

Failure Success





Your smile shines brighter than city

Happiness Life

The greatest tragedy is the loss of faith in one

Faith Hope Life

It would be interesting to see what would become of the world if nobody feared the possibility of

Failure Fear

Aim higher; go farther.
-Samer Abukhaled


To love is to live and to live is to

Life Love

Looking a person in the eye is the epitome of

Even the pure, white snow gets dirtied eventually.
-Samer Abukhaled

A broken bone over a broken

Heart Love

You may fear me. You may hate me. You may love me. You may respect me. But you may NOT pity

Love Fear

What anger can't solve, peace will.
-Samer Abukhaled

Anger Peace

Like arithmetic, love is


Life is a test of courage. It is only worth while if you can learn to withstand your most trying times.
-Samer Abukhaled