Dr Sanjeev Trivedi

Dr Sanjeev Trivedi

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Short Bio: Your personal and professional issues and concerns need contemporary perspective for effective solutions. I’m a life coach, an astrologer, PhD in management and my rich experience spans almost four decades. I always provide fresh inputs for effective solutions and remedies. My readings and predictions are quite accurate. An interaction with me will oxygenate your mind and enrich your soul. I can be reached via phone @ +91 9898040633 or email me @ trivedisanjeev@gmail.com

Dr Sanjeev Trivedi Quotes

Ability to share is the beginning of ability to care.
-Dr Sanjeev Trivedi

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Astrology, Yog and Health - physical, mental and spiritual are all knitted together.
-Dr Sanjeev Trivedi

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Where there is crowd, there is untruth that can be dug out.
-Dr Sanjeev Trivedi

Faith Philosophy Religion Wisdom

Men are possessive and women

Anger Heart Relationship

Knowledge, approach and personality can

Confidence Courage Education Leadership Sad

Certain pearls of wisdom are not white. They are grey. And sometimes even like rare black pearls. B

Faith Hope Life Patience Relationship

When peace, comfort and happiness set into life, there is a problem raising it

Change Failure Hope Life Wisdom

Loving oneself and not not talking to your own self is ultimate

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Success is a ladder which cannot be climbed with your hands in the pocket.
-Dr Sanjeev Trivedi

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Facing your fears well, disarms

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Donating money or things is not good enough. Giving knowledge, hope, love, is true giving.
-Dr Sanjeev Trivedi

Happiness Hope Inspirational Philosophy Wisdom

When standards and ethics fall, heavens fall

Change Faith Life Time Wisdom

Learn to love what he/she,

Happiness Love Relationship Romantic

When you hear something stupid, keep telling yourself, there is something good coming

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Is being superior to the mindless, leadership ?

Confidence Courage Creativity Leadership Success

Longer the communication gap is, harder it becomes to arrive at

Anger Life Relationship

I read futures. I do not build

Change Dreams Faith Goal Optimism

Only black and white are factual. Every other colour is a

Business Dreams Imagination Philosophy Truth

Those who give back to the society more than what they take from it, are

Education Inspirational Life Success Wisdom

Being open to knowledge is being

Education Inspirational Life Success Wisdom

Creating history of a new

Change Desire Faith Inspirational Opportunity

Less we think and talk about our differences, more harmony shall we

Happiness Hate Religion

Crave for more from this short lived gift called,

Desire Dreams Happiness Life Love

The depth of silence is

Relationship Short Wisdom

For the commerce to succeed, the ethics have to fail, how short-

Business Creativity Goal Short Wisdom

If familiarity breeds contempt, imagine what intimacy can

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Trust a person only as much he or she trusts you. It is

Confidence Life Relationship

A good idea backed by appropriate finance is adequate to give birth to a great

Business Courage Creativity Philosophy Success

Executing perfection may not be stressful. It can become a way of

Business Goal Success Wisdom

Not listening to the people who agree with you, is a sign of

Courage Faith Truth Wisdom

Spirituality is when you perceive more than your

Philosophy Wisdom

God does not help. He only can make us capable of helping ourselves.
-Dr Sanjeev Trivedi

Faith Hope Optimism Religion

Unless you have a crowd to mislead, be happy with your own belief.
-Dr Sanjeev Trivedi

Faith Opportunity Philosophy Short

Talking less about YOURSELF is a sign of

Optimism Short Witty Wisdom

Complacency sometimes recharges but mostly it hinders with

Change Short Wisdom

Good chemistry in relationships creates

Change Happiness Life Love Relationship

Believe in the program called LIFE

Faith Hope Life Success Wisdom

Children may be an important outcome but not necessarily the purpose of marriage.
-Dr Sanjeev Trivedi


Negative mind silences the

Failure Life Optimism Philosophy Success

More intellient we become, less wise we shall

Change Education Wisdom

For some people, guidance means the engine that runs

Business Life Short Wisdom

Unfortunately, when our expectations fail us, we start expecting from our children

Desire Dreams Failure Happiness Hope

Whatever is elusive is interesting and it

Dreams Happiness Heart Love Short

Manage people, from a distance, however close they maybe to you. Be detached. Be focused on to your

Friendship Goal Love Relationship

Lack of tolerance and clash of egos, shorten relationships.
-Dr Sanjeev Trivedi

Friendship Happiness Love Relationship

A woman who feels inadequate, dresses to

Beauty Confidence Desire

Listening to someone has an immensely calming effect on

Friendship Happiness Loneliness Peace Relationship

Freedom, respect and value are more primary than love, affection and

Desire Love Relationship

Love is a feeling for some, whereas it should ideally be a method for

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Do not just try to

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