A Snake Slept On Bed In rustle of her breast I have felt, Then suddenly I keep the dawn awake of evil, By time cockcrow opened the day it happened, A groped for switch of light Hey! in knee she holds my voice, Full grown like noon I could sight her body, Arrows of questions for answers my tongue motions, She could begs for my voice striking the walls, And she answers someone let her in, Eh! a foolish brother I said, But I couldn't withstand her noon body, You are the evil of the night! Have you wrapped my night in your body? I questioned, In light voice of not resisted my slams, She is a voluptuous devil of dawn, And left after I rebuked in thunder, And I answer to adhan of creator, I could wonder at the mosque, For the snake on my bed, And I supplicated to Allah, All day devil walks in my sight of street And in shyness of the dawn, when her optics captures me far away, Like her feet in wind. -Ojo Yusuf Abdulazeez

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Only we can decide to allow the disappointments in our lives to rule us. We can either rise above it and keep moving forward to become the best we..
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Love is like a painted wall. It should be color washed from time to time, before it begins to fade


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Kids, Here is an advice you must listen to in order to keep happiness : Don

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The truest friends I've had in my life can withstand a distance and still embrace our closeness; Make memories with me while always moving forward;..
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Keep your head high and smile, forget those who have screwed you over, and live life to it's fullest, because even in the darkest of times there is..
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We can all feel different feelings at night. Constantly, our mind keeps thinking, worrying, and feeling. But once we sleep and wake up to the new day,..
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The reality of war. A lot changed when the war began. It took only four years to destroy our homeland. War was declared and armies were mobilized. Y..
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Most of us never grow up, but our age

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If you feel like your whole world is falling down, remember it can only hit so low until your world

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