The came to life clown doll is among us, only people see it, in the right hand the cane of suffering in it flows all the destinies of mankind. In the left hand there are children's, fortunetelling cubes. The great game of toys has begun, the music from the box is ominously sounding that there are no secrets any more, that evil will take away all those who do not fight evil inside themselves and Krampus will carry them in a bag, this is a great game of deception, all new and new living dolls come alive never grow from the inside, only rot outside, it's a different kind of toys, vessels for evil spirits, they are everywhere. All toys see the sweet nightmares of demon-possessed wealthy magicians showing them false desires and hopes, wizards in those who sit in the minds, who are in fact devils, giving them false feelings and emotions. People do not sopratyvayutsya their dark side of personality, but only enjoy. The bright side of the personality, which in fact is the true self, from this -Almat

Categories: Wisdom

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