Everyone man and woman is an alpha and beta, male or female. An alpha or alef/aleph, the Canaanite/Hebrew equivalent, relies on his on judgment and openness of spirit to lead or guide his thought or actions. However, the Beta or Bet, the Hebrew/Canaanite equivalent, seeks the house, the family, is the house or family, the support! Everyone of you are living with the support of someone or something no matter how brave you are to move on your own. Some of you have been born privileged or privy in certain areas more than others. Even myself have had it better or more secure than some in some areas. In Hebrew the word for father is 'Ab' or ''Av'', the strength, leader, or head of the family! The Alef-Bet/Alpha-Beta. You are not truly or completely fit to lead unless you have some kind of house, building, wisdom, intelligence or support - some kind of system to stand on, to support you and others. Things will not go to perfection without it! - Joshua Aaron Guillory -Joshua Aaron Guillory

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