True enlightenment is to view the world as if you're the only one in it! or the only one who exists! Everyone and everything should be patterned off that enlightenment! the initial and subsequents, all still being the initial one! How or what the perfect world is for you! Considering infinite potentialities or possibilities! And then the reality of life as it is, for the sake of knowing and understanding people, their fake selves and their true selves, and the mission it takes to bring world peace, the ideal, real, true state into existence! fully or completely that is! In mind and physicality! everywhere is world peace! everything is world peace! Bringing it together manifestedly is the key! In mind and body, location and creation! You must know yourself fearlessly and with wisdom to make it happen! The sound or trumpet of the mind or heart must guide you! There is and only will be world peace! Enjoy the refinements and be the refinements of world peace! - Joshua Aaron Guillory -Joshua Aaron Guillory

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