I want to talk about this whole jealousy thing! Especially the jealousy of God! or God-like jealousy! God jealousy or God-like jealousy is a jealousy of justice! When you perceive something is being done wrong to you or others you manifest god/god-like jealousy! You become a jealous god/God! I've many times noticed or discerned things or people being done wrong to me & manifested god-like jealousy! God/Nature/the Universe/Fate, used me an instrument to bring about the justice or awareness of the injustice that had or was being done to me! That has happened on websites, even ones I'm currently on! The God-like jealousy came out! The wrath of God working through me brought about some justice! I see such current manifestations of it! We still have ways to go! ha-ha! That is, before things are totally or infinitely corrected or recompensed! Of or in that thought, that is! I've overcome! I've come over it! My thought is World peace! always was! & is! & ever will be. - Joshua Aaron Guillory -Joshua Aaron Guillory

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