What's more profitable, more useful, more serviceable than love!? What's more profitable, more useful, more serviceable than world peace!? World peace is love! I just gave you the Greek definition of kindness! I've done more for you human beings than you can imagine or think! I'm the most kind and generous person alive! I've given you that which is worth zillions and nothing at the same time! I've given it to you on a silver platter! And this meal is everlasting! eternal! infinite! I've fulfilled all the so-called deeds of giving money, resources, time, energy, effort and all that kind of stuff! I'm led by the spirit! I'm from here! I'm from there! I'm from everywhere! I'm from nowhere! I'm from now here! I'm from here now! Here and now! Now is here! Here is now! World peace is now! Love is now! Kindness is now! Truth is now! Victory is now! I am now! Imagine that! Give in to that! Worship that! Embrace that! Honor that! Provide for that! Wear that hat! - Joshua Aaron Guillory -Joshua Aaron Guillory

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