Welcome to the world of friendship friendship is a simple word with a big value not in words, nut in heart, its a powerful gift , an art based on care,love,trust,and finally but not least respect. what do u think friendship would be without those characteristics? well, a friendship without love is a frienship without care, trust , and respect. friendship plays a big role in everyones life its known as the combination that joins us together , friends back up each others,give them support,give their shoulders to cry on and are willing to waist their time listning to your problems and by planting good thoughts in your mind,by encouraging you to do what you want and following your dreams . friends never stand in your way unless your doing something wrong. ultimatly frienship is a valuable sword that is with you untill the end of every battle,never lose it embrase it,and keep it one of your keys to solve your problems. -hajo

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Few people realize the most important thing in life is not money but peace of mind that comes from the awareness of tenderness of love and trust..
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