The system is messed up! You sell-outs are winning because you're compromising your souls for the game! Weaklings if you ask me! Economics has nothing to do with it! in that relative sense! If you're not talking about world peace, you're mind is stuck in the game and your sorry words aren't gonna change that! It's when you learn compassion that you can rise above the falsehood and atrocities you help commit! You love games, you don't love nature! at least not in its purity! You ignorant idiots on poemhunter, searchquotes, and ownquotes are trying to get seen and stop my advancement which you can't! You look stupid! You follow the crowd and seek emotional security by being a sell-out team player! Nobody's words can outwit mine! Most of you all generalize with every quote or poem! And you wish to be like some person of the present or past unlike yourself! You want to be liked and loved so much you would hand your soul to people on a silver platter. - Joshua Aaron Guillory -Joshua Aaron Guillory

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