(TRUTH-1 2/8) I'm a very strong meditator so I understood what this guy was talking about! & also things with sex/no ejaculating & cleansing the body! Because I know & have done these things! That is, the abstaining for long periods without eating, masturbation, etc. [I am a virgin! as I've stated before, just to point that out!] But I just think so much of it's bullshit in terms of enlightenment! Like it appears that people are still stuck in the lower or low levels! It's still an ego-conceit of feeling you're above people! [the hierarchy-society of division-intention instead of wanting to help & unite people by going beyond the normal means to achieve unity/world peace] It's all an illusion! True victory is being able to express yourself freely as I've done on poemhunter, ownquotes, & searchquotes & publicly & in private unlike most people in the world! I should be getting all the rewards if it's based off of honesty & happiness! Off of being free! - Joshua Aaron Guillory -Joshua Aaron Guillory

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