Conversation with Josh, Benny, Judy & Sarah (11/14) Sarah: I will do this to you guys tonight! and in a few, too! I like grabbing you both from behind and individually rubbing on your chest and massaging your cock and things like that! I like when the both of you suck my thumb! Judy puts you in a daze, Josh! You're Judy's bitch! and my bitch too! Judy said although you're a strong teacher for the Nation of Islam and other Black Nationalist or Supremacist organizations you're a White woman's bitch! but a good one! And she knows you can differentiate from the White evils and White love! You're a true man and a powerful one! And she respects you on that level and must! But she and I have put both you and Benny through initiation - our initiation - the initiation of bitch! or bitching! or bitchification! or bitchliness! - Joshua Aaron Guillory -Joshua Aaron Guillory

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