The more we realize imagination is real and we can live or escape to it or in it the happier we will be! I've used the analogy before of airplanes, how some people, before they were built [/built sufficiently to take flight and with efficiency and/ longevity and safety] that some people lived in their imagination of it and believed in it and kept fast or held fast to the idea, so much so that they were actually experiencing riding or driving an airplane! Even now, before we may get on an airplane we envision how it will be, based off our prior experience on an airplane, whether that is actually having been in one or seeing one on television or in a book, or magazine or something of the like, and sometimes we may just magically appear on an airplane, well at least in our minds, which is real and where we live! What does the airplane mean to you unrelative to you!? But of course the airplane is always relative to you in someway through someone or something! - Joshua Aaron Guillory -Joshua Aaron Guillory

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