[The Devil 1/2] It was not too long ago that me and my mother/my mother and I were having a conversation and we were both thinking about a similar thing which was the Devil! I was wanting to tell her something and as I was trying to tell her and she was talking she asked me [as she seen and heard me mention it] the question basically of why [in her thought and in yours to some degree to, innately in all thoughts, though not all of all] does the Devil keep trying to defeat God when he knows he's going to lose? And I told her that although there is a part of him that knows he's going to lose he also has deceived himself in[to] believing he will win and that he does have a chance and that taking men's souls, or deceiving them, will ultimately be his victory over God! That maybe God will [someday] despair over the loss and lose his power or something in the Devil's mind! and other things! - Joshua Aaron Guillory -Joshua Aaron Guillory

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