Joshua and Zana Conversations (9 of 41) Josh: And I should also note that the word ''nothoa'', in the Enochian or supposed Enochian or so-called Enochian language, which is of relation to ''not'' or ''nothing'', means ''in the midst''! or ''among'' or ''amongst''! And why is that important is because it is exactly what I was saying to one of our dear friends in another conversation and yet the same of ''empty space'' or ''space'' being in or at or as the center! In the middle! The top! The bottom! the all! The front, back, now, here, sides, etc! In and among us! It is interesting that the Kaf and Lam are at the center of the Canaanite, Proto-Canaanite, or Hebrew language! Two primary or very important symbols, as they all are! or pictographs!... - Joshua Aaron Guillory -Joshua Aaron Guillory

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